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Like little Downy bear, we simply want to rub a gentle butch all-around united states. ”

Soft butch

” describes a lesbian or queer girl who’sn’t very a


, but isn’t rather a


either. They fall somewhere regarding the butch spectrum. They like to button their button-downs all the way upwards, and maybe even then add collar precious jewelry sometimes. They tend to possess gorgeous eyes, great lips, and simply end up being actually hot overall tbh.

a soft butch is a slightly a lot more feminine (or “gentler”) version of a
butch lesbian.
They are hard but sensitive — like best poultry nugget.


“butch lesbian”

is typically defined by their swagger. It really is design selections, yes, like constantly dressed in boots with cuffed trousers or a lot of bands, but it is also a particular je ne sais quoi that only a butch would comprehend. A “soft butch” is basically a toned down or “softened” type of this swagger. If a butch lesbian exudes gender, a soft butch exudes gender which includes crying after.

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Exactly how is a “soft butch” distinct from “butch”?

Smooth butch energy is somebody who will

leading you

after which push you to be a cup of beverage. It’s a person that will build you some furniture while making reference to their unique mommy problems. They’re usually good cooks which in addition understand many about astrology. They might be more chapstick lesbians than

lipstick lesbians

— although playing by strict sex guidelines is not actually a comfortable butch’s thing (or any queer woman’s tbh.) They have manicures but just pick a top coat. They are going to always provide to push, whether or not they’re poor at it.

Smooth butches tend to be tough but tender, like an amazing poultry nugget. Only, a chicken nugget who knows making use of

a strap


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