500-600 cal per meal

Made for the person who is looking to bulk up. High Protein, High Smart-Carbs & mixed veggies

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350-400 cal per meal

Made for the person who is looking to maintain their portion size and lean-out. High Protein, Low Smart-Carbs & mixed veggies.

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Fat 70% Protein 25% Carbs:5%

Delicious meals high in protein & healthy-fats, always sugar-free & low-carb.
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This is high-level, healthy, and fresh food!!! I love the meals that they prepare for me providing the correct portions to suit my fitness goals. Having the convenience to have a well-thought out, healthy meal provided for me is a plus especially with my busy work schedule. I highly recommend this meal preparation service!
Joseph C. / Google

New meals every week and the shrimp and salmon are always amazing and my favorite meal. I found my self ordering more breakfast meals than I thought because I normal just skip that meal for the day but the pancakes and waffles with scrambled eggs or grits are delicious and easy adding no time to my morning routine. Would definitely recommend trying.

Kyle B. / Yelp
Talk about meal prepping….I’m a busy mom who has a full time job and running my own business. This is the perfect way to eat healthy. Absolutely worth every penny for a great tasting healthy food. Would highly recommend to everyone. Thank you Alex, you’re absolutely amazing.
Rocel B. / Google

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